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The name of the class is derived from the past practice of showing a lot of war movies. This has not changed much since it is part of the way to present this broad and difficult subject. However, U.S. military history in general will be the subject and will be looked at from the standpoint of change. Using World War II as a baseline, and the first unit, other U.S. military actions will be compared and contrasted in terms of political, economic, social and technological change. Foreign military concepts will of course be included where appropriate. A very basic understanding of military ranks, organization and terminology naturally emerges from much of this course. The highest goal is to produce interest in lifelong study rather than to produce answers on a test.

It should be understood that war movies often by nature contain violence and crude language. However, this classroom will not. It should also be understood that this class is for watching movies, not sleeping through them. If you cannot do that, don't sign up. H.O.W.L. points are removed for each occurance.
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Every class will feature a discussion prompt on the First Class "Workspace" for the class. These prompts ("bellwork") will often ask some question about content viewed that day. They will be all over the place in terms of difficulty and length. Some will be based on a philosophical challenge about war itself and others might merely cover the types of aircraft used in a battle. The responses to these prompts will be graded and account for a portion (The 30% Formative Grade) of the class grade. Depending on the video content of the day, time will be set aside to begin the prompt in class when possible. However, a few days could pass when this is expected to be done as homework. Each time a prompt is not done it is counted "late" and 5 points are removed from "H.O.W.L.". 3 points are returned when completed. The grading rubric and guidelines follow:

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Prompt Topics:
Some will take minutes, some will take days. Everything from GI belt buckles, weapons and equipment, uniforms, temperament and morale, to maps, strategy and battlefield tactics will be discussed. Who doesn't want to talk about P-40's, Shermans and JDAM's? Of major concern will be reconciling what is seen in each movie or video clip with historical facts and accounts, as well as war in general.