United States History I
Chapter 2, Mr. Conant

European Colonization of the Americas”

Leading Question: What was the impact of the differing colonial styles of the Europeans?
Arguable Resolution: The English system of colonization was the best way to settle the new world.

1. Do the following assessments to review the chapter vocabulary:
  • Section 1 - “Spanish Explorers and Colonies” pg. 41.
  • Section 2 - “Jamestown” pg. 48.
  • Section 3 - “The New England Colonies” pg. 57.
  • Section 4 - “The Middle and Southern Colonies” pg. 63.

2. Review the “Key Words” and “Key Terms” on your own to study for the chapter test.

3. Chapter Review Task: Choose two of the following tasks to do:
  • Answer the “Leading Question” in a one page essay.
  • Create at map that covers the colonial areas discussed in the chapter. Detail it to “tell a story”.
  • Prepare arguments for both sides of the chapter “Resolution”.

4. American Colonies Project (follow the link for instructions).

5. Chapter Vocabulary Test