Chapter 11 "The Muslim World"

World History

“What has been the impact of Islam on Western Civilization?”

This chapter is designed to give you an overview of Islam and its history which is so relevant to western civilization’s past as well as its present. Simply do the items listed below on separate paper to be turned in by the deadlines given. A short review and test will follow. Everything below is as self-explanatory as possible. However, use “past practices” as a guide to what is generally acceptable.

1. Read the chapter. Pages 254-281
2. Do the section Reviews:

  • Section Review 1, Page 260
  • Section Review 2, Page 266
  • Section Review 3, Page 272
  • Section Review 4, Page 275
  • Section Review 5, Page 279

3. Draw a map of the Middle East on notebook sized paper. Include important cities, major rivers and bodies of water. Mountains and other geographic features would improve this as well. Include a key, title and neatness all around to finish your work.

4. Write a “reaction” to the “Hajj” video shown in class. To be discussed in class.

Other “in-class” activities as announced. This chapter has much potential.