This is simply a place to put outlines and notes for the "ideal book-free" class. It will likely be a series of outlines, resource lists, potential assignments to begin with. Assessments will naturally be part of the "reverse engineering" process as the standards become clearer (clear doesn't happen).


US History I
Major Units:

Old World/New World/Exploration
Colonization - Salutary Neglect and prosperity
French and Indian Wars: Fortress Louisbourg and George Washington
Revolution and War - Declaration of Independence and leadership
Articles of Confederation - Shay's Rebellion
Constitution - Philosophers and Thinkers - 'Founding Fathers', Locke, Hobbes, Smith
State/Federal Sovereignty - Washington to Jefferson
1812 and Compromise - Maine statehood with 1820's Missouri Compromise
Texas Revolution and Statehood -The Role of Legend in Society (The Alamo)
Mexican War and borders
Buildup to civil war; Kansas - Nebraska Act - Details and Lincoln's debates
Lincoln and Civil War - Broad strategies and battles
Turning Points - Little Round Top at Gettysburg
Thirteenth Ammendment
Reconstruction - O.O. Howard, KKK,

Ashland University - Ashbrook Center's 50 Essential Documents

Incentive/ Greed vs Compassion/Essential Questions
Economic Systems
American Free-Market Economics
Supply and Demand
Inflation, Recession and Unemployment
Policy/Indicators and other Important Stuff