31st Century Archaeological Dig

(partners allowed but it's 15 items per person)

Set Up:
You are an archaeologist living one thousand years in the future. You know almost nothing about the 21st Century. You are exploring a strange land that was once called Maine by the people who lived there. The people who live in the area now know nothing about 21st Century life in the area and have stumbled onto what appears to be the basement of a home. You have determined so far that the basement was made of concrete and the home above it may have been wiped out in a flood. The good news is that the contents of the basement are intact, having been preserved in river silt. Your job is to uncover the contents of the basement and determine what they are.

1. Write an essay about the things you uncover and the story of your adventure.

2. Describe each item on a chart. Correctly describe ten items you find, but incorrectly label 5 others.
“Humorous interpretation” is allowed. Please include the logical process by which you figure out the use of the artifacts. The 15 items need to be fully described along with their use. The mis-labeled items might require more creativity.

3. Compile your information above into one file to turn in.

4. The following is an example of how you could chart your findings:

Item Description
21st Century.......................
Item Description
31st Century.....................................
............Likely Use.............
......Reasoning/Logic Used...

1. Barbie Doll
About 1ft. in height.
Plastic, human-like female
figure approximately 3cm in height.
Religious/spiritual Icon
or totem.
Found everywhere. Found
with other plastic icons and
important household items.
Abnormal proportions
suggest distant ideal or
definition of fertility.
2. Spoon
Stainless Steel
Small non-rusting, near flat, iron based
metallic; "shovel" shaped end. 2 cm
in length.
Size and shape suggest
eating utensil. Size is very
useful in one's hand.
These are very common.
Records indicate utensil use
in that time period.