Computer Applications Expectations

Whatever you call the class, the idea is to become familiar, if not fluent, with some basic computer functions and applications. Different people will have different levels of expertise coming into the class. Therefore, it will be normal for students to be "all over the place" in terms of where they are at any given moment. We will also have to expect that there will be days where you may have a dog of a computer that is slow or otherwise stubborn to deal with. All of this is taken into consideration when you are graded.

At first, class assignments will be given verbally and via posts to our class space on First Class. Check in first thing every class to get the assignment. If there is nothing new, this means that the day is likely dedicated to "catching up". At some future point assignments will be posted here in order to remove the extra step of logging in to First Class.

Completing Assignments:
Varying amounts of explanation will be given for each assignment. All will have a "play around with it" component. Your completed work should reflect a certain amount of "discovery" and usage of advanced features. Completed work should be turned in as requested. Some items are posted on your class blog, some sent via email, and some items will be printed or demonstrated in class.

Email Submissions:
All classwork submitted must include "P4" in the subject line. It will not go to the right place without it and it will not count without it.

All work must be done by the end of any Interim or Quarter grading period in order to count. The Quarters are the most critical.