Computer Applications


Follow each of these procedures as closely as possible. Get as far as you can during class time. Send in what you have completed as you work or at 11:25am. Nothing will count if time stamped after class ends. Start with activity number one and then do the others in any order. You are being graded mostly on quality vs. quantity. Save spreadsheet and collage tasks on the file server for safe keeping in case of error.

If you have a computer issue, you must notify me immediately since time is of the essence.

Activity number one: Do This One First.
Add a full 3 sentence paragraph to the paragraph started on Google Docs as "Senior Final". You will have an email invitation on your Gmail account for this task. Speak up immediately if this did not happen. Do the remaining items below in any order.

Activity number two:
Create a blog posting on your original blog (the one posted on the class wiki) that will solve a problem. The problem could be political, environmental, industrial, educational.

Start by explaining the "problem".
*Add a graphic of some sort relating to your "problem".
*Add some explanation of ways to solve the "problem".
*Add at least 5 links to sites that offer alternatives to solving the problem.
*Add another graphic of some sort related to your solution.
Send an email via First Class to with subject line: P4_blogdone

Activity number three:
Use any spreadsheet program to compare at least 2 different vehicles or sports teams.
*Produce a table of real data from the Internet
*Produce at least three graphs from your data
*Cite your source by name and the URL of the website.
Save it and send it in an email via First Class to with subject line: P4_spreaddone

Activity number four:
Create a collage of no more than one virtual sheet of paper, including no more than 10% white space and more than 10 graphics. Use any program on the laptops, Open Office or Google.
Save the file and email it via First Class to with subject line: P4_collagedone

Relative completion of the list given time and talent:................25 points
Computer skill expressed in doing the tasks............................25 points
Creativity while still within formatting & instructions..................25 points
All work sent and saved properly.............................................25 points