Today you are going to do some advanced blog work. The idea being that these things can be useful if you put your mind to it. You must include properly embedded links and images (see the blog's tool buttons) for this to count. This one will take a while and you'll need to read the directions carefully.

Name this new blog "2008 Model Comparisons". Write a short "introductory" paragraph explaining what you will do in this blog (see below).

First of all, you need to find 5 - 2008 model vehicles to compare. On your blog insert a small photo and make it link (select the photo then click on the link button - this makes the picture into your hyperlink) to the manufacturers "homepage" for the vehicle. In the text area of the blog, give the name of the specific model you are using, and what accessories you will compare. Put some kind of heading or title with it. You will need to compare gas mileage, power, price (with your accessories), standard equipment, and three categories of your own choosing.

Secondly, create a section for each vehicle by drawing some form of line on the blog page with either a line or symbol like this:


In each section, put a new small image of the vehicle and a heading, followed by information links to pages explaining the stuff you are comparing on each vehicle. Don't try to copy and paste charts and graphs of engines, horsepower or what not. Link to those things as you explain them.

After these 5 sections, give a selection of links to the nearest dealers for the vehicles you've chosen.

Lastly, come to some kind of "conclusion". Write up an opinion paragraph at the end explaining which vehicle would be your choice and include an image of the vehicle the way you would have it built.

Send an email to me entitled P4_VehicleBlogDone. No text necessary when you are totally finished and wish to be graded. I will view them under construction but will not grade them until you are ready.
You will need to save images (on your desktop to upload - then move to file server when done) before uploading to the blog.
Anything; words, symbols, images can be made into a hyperlink. Use the buttons provided on the "New Post" screen.
Since others will be looking at this, pay some attention to spelling and neatness.
Be creative and have some fun with this!