2017-2018 Economic Systems Projects
The link to this page is displayed on the assignment page. It is a "public" page so this becomes "public" material, though difficult to find. The point is to facilitate peer grading. This is not a collaborative wiki so do not try to join.

Here you will find a project hyperlink or file next to each person's name in both Economics Classes. DO NOT GRADE YOURSELF. Grade your peers in your class. However, it is okay to look at the work of others. Refresh the page if a missing item has been added but is not seen on your screen. I must receive your .pdf file by 8:00am on the designated due date.

We will do one class of "mass grading". Peer grading is 40% of your grade. After that day, it is still possible to get others to grade your work but it may affect your grade depending on circumstances.


Period 4 Sem.2 Projects
Emily B......
Joe B........
Cassidy C.
Jonah D.
Peyton H.
Sophia J.
Logan M.
Lindsay N.
Jenni P.
Lillie W,

Period 7 Sem.2 Projects
Dalton B.

Catherine B.
Logan C.
Elizabeth G.
Jacob G.
Wesley L.
Sammantha M.
Neil N.
Paige N.
Nicholas S.
Ashley W.