My classes will be using Edmodo to facilitate daily discussions, activities, bellwork and anything else that this proves to be useful for. You will have to have an account first at but the link below will take you to the right screen if you need one. Use the "Group Join Code" below your class to sign up for your group. You will only be kept in your particular class. When you sign up, use your school email and officially recognized name for now if it asks. That can be changed later. For now it's mild security to keep the group private and so I can recognize who you are. You are responsible for remembering passwords etc. I can reset your password and remind you of your user name but it may take time.

School Year 2016-17 - Trimester 1 - Edmodo Join URL's

17T1 Period 1 Economics
Group Join Code: fta5qa

17T1 Period 3 (None)
Group Join Code:

17T1 Period 4 Economics
Group Join Code: m39xbr

17T1 Period 5 Debate
Group Join Code: 93rjwv